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Styles of Sparkling Wine Tasting

Discover the diverse range of sparkling wines available, from classic Champagne to refreshing Prosecco and everything in between. Our knowledgeable experts will guide you through a tasting experience like no other, highlighting the unique characteristics and styles of each wine.

Spanish and Portuguese Wine Tasting

Both Spain and Portugal are well known for producing delicious wines at a great price point. We will taste seven from iconic regions on the Iberian Peninsula.

Wine and Cheese Pairing Night

Wine and cheese lovers unite! Join us for an evening sampling six wines paired beautifully with six styles of cheese.

Sarra & Kim Battle of the Best Vino

Join us for an exciting evening as Sarra and Kim go to battle for your votes for the best of the best wine choice in a tasting lineup filled with wines of different styles and price points.

Must-Have Red Wines for Fall

This tasting will feature red wines from around the world. For each wine style, we’ll also be sharing food pairing suggestions to get you ready to celebrate the change of season in style.

Sarra’s Favorite Italian Wines

You will take part in an exciting tasting adventure as she leads you through red, white, and sparkling wine styles from the north, south, and central wine regions.

Cool Weather Tequila

Whether you prefer tequila in the summer or throughout the year, you won’t want to miss this tasting of tequilas that will show how versatile tequila can be regardless of the season.

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