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Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This Clydeside Single Malt is produced using clear water from Loch Katrine, 100% Scottish barley and then matured in the finest Oak casks. Rocky Mountain Wine Spirits Beer is pleased to be carrying the first bottle of Stobcross released in Canada. For the next two weeks, we are the only place in Canada to buy this brand-new product! With only 600 bottles in the country, you won’t want to miss out. Buy now before they sell out!

About Stobcross

The ancient state of Stobcross was named after a historic cross which once marked the route to Dumbarton Rock. On this road, in the 1600s, the Anderson family built a fine mansion, Stobcross House, later going on to lay out the prosperous weaving village of Anderston. With time comes change, and in 1875, with the industrial rise of the River Clyde, Stobcross House was demolished to make way for the Queen’s Dock – one the beating heart of Glasgow’s global maritime trade and fame. Today in the Dock’s former Pumphouse, built in 1877, that spirit of innovation continues with the combination of experience, passion and skill to create The Clydeside Distillery’s first release, ‘Stobcross’ – a single malt, rooted in history. Time and tide might have changed the Clyde, but the city’s spirit of innovation and creation still burns bright.

Tasting Notes

Stobcross is a marriage of ex-bourbon and ex-oloroso sherry barrels – predominately ex-bourbon. First fill barrels used, American Oak for bourbon and European Oak for the sherry-oloroso butts.

The New Make Spirit is filled into the barrels at 63.5%. Character of our new make is grassy, delicate, & citrusy.

This Clydeside Single Malt is produced using clear water from Loch Katrine, 100% Scottish barley and then matured in the finest Oak casks.

NOSE        floral notes, fresh sweetness with tropical tones.

PALATE    orchard fruits and hints of white pepper.

FINISH     fresh, fruit tones.

Matured in 90% Bourbon (American Oak) / 10% Sherry (European Oak) casks.

Packaging is 100% recyclable. Outer tubes have a perforation allowing for easy recycling of both the tube and the tin ends.


About Stobcross

The Clydeside Distillery is located within the Pumphouse building, which once controlled entry into the famous Glasgow Queen’s Dock. The Pumphouse was originally designed to provide hydraulic power to operate the swing bridge, servicing the commercial dock, which witnessed the export of whisky exports with ships destined for all continents of the world.

Our family believes in making things well. It’s why we’ve brought together the best of the old and the new at The Clydeside Distillery, using traditional techniques for making our exquisite new Clydeside Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The craftsmen distil out spirit by hand, using all the senses. Whisky runs through the city’s industrial heritage like the River Clyde itself. Which is why our gleaming new single malt scotch whisky distillery at the Queens Dock has a touch of the inevitable about it. We are delighted to bring distilling back to the city of Glasgow and celebrate the city’s industrial heritage, which aided in the export and renowned reputation of Scotch whisky across the globe

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