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Pro-Tip: on-sale wine tastes better than full price wine. Trust us on this one. Check out our in-store specials to save on your favourite wine, spirits, and beers!

On-sale while quantities last! 

Coors Banquet 24 Cans – Save $6!

Until May 30th
It’s time for grillin’, chillin’, and fillin’ your shopping cart with cool ones to kick-off your long weekend. Save $6 on our already low-priced Coors Banquet.

Sol 24 Bottles – Save $12

Until May 30th
Your 3-day weekend just got better! Save $12 on 24 bottles of this smooth, lager than life, Mexican sip.

Mix & Match 6 or 12 Packs – Save 10%!

Until May 30th
Raise a cold one to Queen Victoria’s b’day and the unofficial start to summer. Mix and match six or twelve packs of craft beer bombers to make an epic two-four and save 10%.

Giusti Pinot Grigio – Save $5.50

Until May 30
You know what rhymes with long-weekend? Wine. This refreshing white is fit for a queen (‘s birthday).

Famille Perrin Côtes du Rhône Réserve – Save $5.50

Until May 30th
Friday called. She’s coming tomorrow, and she’s bringing this wine – at a door-crashing deal – save 30% on this classic red!

Zorzal Único Malbec – Save $6

Until May 30th
Save 30% on this South American stunner – it’s so delicious it deserves its own long-weekend!