Springbank 15 Year Three Bottle Bundle


  1. Springbank 15 Year

Campbeltown, Scotland

With a reverence for traditional methods and self-contained processing, Springbank still uses traditional malting floors and a 1940 Porteus mill to prepare their mash. Known affectionately as the ‘Gentle Giant’ of the line, this release is aged in Oloroso sherry casks. Beginning in a storm of tobacco leaves, cured meat and prunes, it softens into sultry flavours of demerara sugar, cocoa powder and figs.

  1. Cadenhead Auchentoshan 12 Year

Lowlands, Scotland

This bottling from Cadenhead lives up to the smooth and calm style Auchentoshan has been widely acclaimed for. Aged in bourbon barrels, this complex whisky showcases notes of cola, baked pear, and toasted almonds. Toffee and vanilla round off the palate in a prolonged finish.

  1. North Star Speyside 10 Year

Speyside, Scotland

North Star is an independent bottler located in Glasgow, with a penchant for mystery. This single malt was distilled at an undisclosed Speyside distillery and aged in sherry hogshead casks.

Notes of black currant, white pepper and salted peanuts envelope the palate. Can your palate uncover the secret distiller?

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