Springbank 10 year Three Bottle Bundle


  1. Springbank 10 Year 

Campbeltown, Scotland 

Once a major port for bootlegging and whisky smuggling, Campbeltown is now home to only 3 licensed whisky houses. A perfect balance of sweet and salty this release was aged in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks. Notes of orchard fruit, heather and sea breeze develop into pepper, spice and salted caramel.  


  1. Kilchoman Sinaig  

Islay, Scotland 

Kilchoman is making its mark as Islay’s newest distillery. Established in 2005 by the Wills family, their mission is to resurrect the tradition of farm distilling on Islay. Experience the signature Islay earthy peat, chocolate, and berries present in this release.  


  1. Lochlea Sowing Edition 

Lowlands, Scotland 

Nestled in the heart of Ayrshire, this picturesque distillery resides at the crossroads of Scotland’s three major cities. Aged in first-fill bourbon casks, this edition radiates light and springtime buzz. Look forward to notes of vanilla bean, white peach, toasted pine nut, and a lingering honeyed finish.  

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