Kokoro Gin


Kokoro is a balanced gin. Keeping the botanicals to single digits that traditionally work well, allows the flavours of the Sancho berry to come to the fore, particularly when tried neat. The sweetness of the licorice flirts well with the citrus and the warming spice of the Sancho. Juniper is the first to hit the senses, with earthy and citrus notes close behind. To taste, the sweetness of the licorice works well with the citrus and the warming spice of the Sancho. Orange is strong at the finish, while there’s a lasting wave of pepper that lingers on the tongue. It’s a delicate balance of flavours that allows the Sancho to shine, but not overpower the taste buds. It’s still got that classic London Dry feel to it, with juniper making itself known, particularly on the palate.

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750 ml

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