Hazelburn Sherry Wood 15 year old Bundle


  1. Hazelburn Sherry Wood 15 Year

Campbeltown, Scotland

This delectable line from Springbank takes its name from one of Campbeltown’s lost distilleries. Aged in Oloroso sherry barrels, this dram is full-bodied and provides a stark contrast to its bourbon-aged contemporaries. A palate of gingerbread, orange zest and hard toffee highlights the elegant cigar-box finish.

  1. Stobbcross

Lowlands, Scotland

Named for the 17th century mansion of the Anderson family, Stobcross is the inaugural release from Clyneside in Glasgow. Aged in a mix of bourbon and oloroso barrels, that character is light and fresh. Expect bright and lively notes of tropical and stone fruit, blossom and cracked peppercorn.

  1. Isle of Raasay

Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Located on the Isle of Raasay for which it is named, this distillery sets out to emulate the tradition of Hebridean whisky from long ago. Aromas of black berry, spice and subtle smoke combine, giving way to currant and sandalwood on the palate. Enjoy the finish of bramble and delicate peat as it lingers on your tongue.

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