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The knowledge of the art of making tequila, the art of time, patience and our tradition, give rise to “Tequila Gran Orendain”, a unique tequila, emblematic of our lineage, a tequila that only the experience and history of the Orendain family can create.

After years of intense studies and analysis in the search for the perfection of tequila, the Orendain family identifies among its fields those located in “El Cerro del Tepecoste”, whose natural characteristics provide the best conditions for the full development of agaves to their point of optimal maturity. It is precisely in these lands of Tepecoste where from then on and to date hand-selected agaves offspring are planted, which are cared for day by day with special affection, attention and care, throughout their lives and until 7 years in which they are jimados precisely at their point of optimal maturity, neither before nor after; these fine 100% blue Tequilana Webber agaves are exclusively used for the production of Gran Orendain tequila.

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