Presented by Rocky Mountain Wine Spirits Beer (RMWSB.com) and Robert White, a Keeper of the Quaich.






Will it be at your couch, desk, or kitchen table? Wherever you can sit with seven glasses and a laptop works for us. Zoom Link will be sent 24 hours before the tasting.

what's included

Includes a 30 ml (1 ounce) sample bottle of each whisky, and your live Zoom tasting.


Whose Dad needs more ties or golf balls? None, right? So, surprise him with a Virtual Whisky Tasting this year. It will be an escape and experience he won’t soon forget. This tasting offers a wide range of incredible whiskies ranging from $59.99 – $209.99 per bottle, offering the opportunity for those with commitment issues to “try-before-you-buy”. There are exclusive, expensive, and rare bottles as well as a surprise Mystery Whisky that won’t be unveiled until the day of the tasting!


Although this is undoubtably a cool Father’s Day present, this isn’t just for Dads – ladies and those without precious cherubs are welcome too. The only prerequisite is a love for whisky.

Your tasting kit
Your tasting kit will include 30ml (1 oz) samples of the following seven whiskies:
  • Arran Sauterne Cask (Retail Price: $79.99)
  • Auchentoshan Three Wood (Retail Price: $76.99)
  • Glen Garioch 12 Year (Retail Price: $59.99)
  • Tullibardine 20 Year (Retail Price: $209.99)
  • Mystery Whisky! (Retail Price: $199.99)*
  • Bunnahabhain 12 Year (Retail Price: $69.99)
  • Kilchoman Alberta Cask 7 Year (Retail Price: $149.99)**

*The Mystery Whisky is from Scotland and retails for $199.99. You will find out during the tasting which bottle you’re tasting. There is limited availability in Alberta, so it’s a chance to try something that will never be sold again!

**The Kilchoman Alberta Cask is a special bottling made on the Isle of Islay in Scotland. It was produced especially for Alberta and can’t be purchased outside the province.  This unique and delicious whisky was matured in a Buffalo Trace bourbon barrel before being finished in a sherry cask.

Note: participants must be of legal drinking age.
Host: Robert White

Robert has worked in the adult-beverage industry for over 30 years on both the wholesale and retail sides of the business. He was inducted into the Keepers of the Quaich in 2008. This is a society that requires a significant and long term contribution to the sales of Scottish Whisky and the Scottish Whisky industry – not to be confused with Companions of the Quaich, which is a whisky club for which there are chapters all over the world that anyone can join. The Keepers of the Quaich only invite approximately 50 people to join each year. Robert is inductee number 1832 out of 3000 world-wide members, and one of the few Canadians to receive the honour. As of today, there are only about 40 Keepers of the Quaich in Canada. Pretty impressive, right? Well, besides being a whisky enthusiast, Robert’s claim to fame is that he got drunk with the Duke of Argyll – Scottish royalty! One last fun fact: Robert was gifted a square metre of land in the northern Hebridean Islands of Scotland. This technically makes Robert a “Laird” in Scotland, and his wife a “Lady”. He’s never actually been to see his little chunk of land, but it’s the title that counts, right?

BYO beer, water and nibbles

We suggest having some distilled water or a beer on hand for cleansing your palate. This tasting does not include food, nor does it require it. However, if you wish to have some nibbles to enjoy with the tasting, we suggest mild bites such as a baguette, crackers, shortbreads, and mild cheeses. Strong flavours and spicy foods should be avoided. If this is a Father’s Day present, you could provide Dad with the extras!

Getting your whisky for the Tasting:
  • Pick up your whisky at Rocky Mountain Wine Spirits Beer anytime between June 3, 2021 – June 19, 2021. You may assign someone else to pick up your whisky during the checkout process. ID including proof of age will be required to pick up the tasting kit. See our store location and hours.
  • You can ship via Canada Post for an extra fee (calculated during checkout). If shipping, be sure to order before June 3, 2021 so we can get your whiskies to you in time.
Whisky Tasting Series

The Father’s Day Whisky tasting seminar is the third tasting in a series of educational whisky tastings that will take place virtually with Rocky Mountain Wine Spirits Beer. Stay tuned for future tastings to be released soon.


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