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We’re a bunch of wine, spirits and beer nerds! We’ve travelled the world tasting all kinds of alcohol and have taken a few hundred glasses…we mean, classes…so we could stock the right bottles for you in-store. Plenty of hours have gone into “product testing” – hey, only the best for you! We’re committed to giving top notch service and top shelf liquor at every price point. While we all have our own little quirks, we have two things in common: we know our stuff and absolutely love what we do…plus we’re really good looking (editor’s note: they paid us to say this).

Boss Man

Michael MacDougall

When he’s not drinking port paired with blue cheese, you’ll find Mike doing boss man type things for the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival, Winefest, Virtual Vino, and Rocky Mountain Wine, Spirits & Beer. He also spends his nights playing hockey and fighting crime. We’re not saying he’s Batman, but we’re saying no one has ever seen the Joker in Calgary.
Manager - WSET 3

Sarra Brown

Sarra is a world-wine traveller who visits a new country every year to explore the local drink scene for “professional development”. Combined with her completed WSET 3 education and years in the industry, you’d definitely want Sarra on your wine-trivia team.
Beer Manager

Sean Cooper

Sean “Scoop” Cooper has tried over 3000 different brews, earning him the title of resident beer guy. He makes sure our beer fridge is always stocked with the latest and greatest in craft beers and domestics, and can make all your beer dreams come true. He’s basically beer Santa.
Event Coordinator & Sales Ninja

Katie Hopkins

Katie is our resident “crazy dog lady,” but we refer to her as a “lovingly involved Dog Mom who’s powered by wine.” When she’s not being a Dog Mother-Wine Lover, she’s spending time at her other job with the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival making sure all the sweet treats and good eats are ready for you!
Sales Ninja - WSET 2

Kelsey Major

Where there’s a wine, there’s a way, especially if it’s a red blend – Kelsey’s favourite. Kelsey enjoys travelling, playing golf, and drinking wine. Needless to say, she fits right in!
Sales Ninja

Sam Beavers

You'd almost think this guy was from New England the way he talks about NEIPA's. Sam's a world traveller who, through working in small town English pubs, developed keen taste and passion for craft beer. He's eager to share what he's learned along the way.